Forward March

Blowing shut the bedroom door
The weak breezes passed thru.
Winter clings here in Austin
Sunny days with icy skies of blue.

Dropped a quarter in the road
In front of a little kid’s smile.
These days it’s a sauntering walk
Because I can’t do that uphill mile.

Finally found my keys
Under the laptop wrap.
Did I really kiss an angel
Or have I found the latest trap?

She glides like a superstar;
Why am I so blessed?
I know we will dance well,
So why am I so distressed?

All those many false starts
Weigh down on my best wishes.
Will we find our deserted beach
Or do I get more chipped dishes?

But here’s now a new chance
Looking right straight through me.
Wherefore are thou, Courage?
Gone to the Lion of the OZ.

Time to see where this goes;
Day tripping in Love’s farrago.
Got to turn your back to go forward.
Hey there, sweetie; yep, let’s go!


About Kitt

Sometimes a rhyme or couplet wanders across my consciousness. So, I share it. Other times I'm a hospice social worker; others, a Dad; others, southerner, New Orleanian, cajun enthusiast, voter, and on better days, a not-too-awful-poet/rhymster. Welcome to my page. Enjoy.

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