Cast and Bound

Here be a dark tale to tell.
Or, just a bit of fun?
Sometimes we may talk;
Or, maybe we’ll just run.

Scampering over ashy brambles,
Popping over surf and beach,
Always keep a step or two,
Just out of Death’s Dark reach.

Another October has come around;
Blackness with mewling whiskers;
Orange gourds with sneers aslant;
Ghouls whispering “tsk-tsk-tskers.”

The wind does awfully howl
As clouds shutter the Moon.
All the wide-eyed kiddies
Know the 31st is coming soon.

Costumes had been caught;
Candy kettles made ready;
Bumpidity bump will go the night;
Trembling hands will hold steady.

At last! Comes the hour
For children to seize the block;
Filling bags with their awful sweet lucre
As on and on ticks the old clock.

Trickrtreat! Trickrtreat!
The spell was cast and bound all!
Give us our sucrosian loot;
Or, Evil may have to come call!

Back at the lair, bags spilled over:
I got Skittles! M&Ms! Yummy, Snickers!
Woh! Wait a minute: d’ja hear?
That sneering pumpkin just went “tsk-tsk-tskers!”

Happy Halloween!


About Kitt

Sometimes a rhyme or couplet wanders across my consciousness. So, I share it. Other times I'm a hospice social worker; others, a Dad; others, southerner, New Orleanian, cajun enthusiast, voter, and on better days, a not-too-awful-poet/rhymster. Welcome to my page. Enjoy.

Posted on October 11, 2013, in Poem. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Gr8 Halloween poem! Very clever 😉

  2. Very perceptive of you. ; )

    love, Papa


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