Its 7:30AM and time to
Go to a different building:
Park in one building and crossing through to
Another building on the way to
The office building, on time.
11:50AM and time for lunch, and off to
Another building to get some food,
Then back to the office building.
4:59PM and time to go to the
Parking building to make my turgid way home
To the home building—
Jogging at 5:46PM
Past all the other nice home, sweet home buildings,
Lined by the winter-shocked trees.
Returned to the home building and showered in
The mini-sauna building;
Dressed for bed while planning a scintillating different route
To that early morning work building,
And and maybe just maybe, building a whole, different, new life
I can build on.

About Kitt

Sometimes a rhyme or couplet wanders across my consciousness. So, I share it. Other times I'm a hospice social worker; others, a Dad; others, southerner, New Orleanian, cajun enthusiast, voter, and on better days, a not-too-awful-poet/rhymster. Welcome to my page. Enjoy.

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