Everybody just wants to go home

Everybody just wants to go home:
After the single man’s bees swarm;
Just get me back home:
Free from all God’s cold, low harm.
Everyone just wants out;
Just to get away,
Back to one’s bed sheets comfort,
And then tomorrow we can all together go play.
So, you know about happy?
May I borrow some of yours?
I’ve forgotten the feel
Of love glowing on rented, carpeted floors.
Shouldn’t be any killing in baseball,
Just swinging for the fence:
Ask me, where is happiness—
Residing somewhere secure in someone else’s past tense?
O there’s gratitude and sure appreciation,
Even glimpses of joy and even the spice of elation;
But just to be, just simply, quietly, happy;
I wish I could testify, make some sure attestation.
But where to find a bit of happy—
Can I borrow some of yours?
Why do you stare so dismissively,
With a look that quite thoroughly deplores,
And leaves me craving for a remembered serendipity?
Just get me back on home,
Back in my small bedroom secure
When tomorrow in the muggy dawn’s early light
I can pretend all is well by not recalling anything of her.
So, you know about happy?
Have you any you might lend?
Tomorrow just gets further and further away
And my New Orleans home is just past around another next bend.


About Kitt

Sometimes a rhyme or couplet wanders across my consciousness. So, I share it. Other times I'm a hospice social worker; others, a Dad; others, southerner, New Orleanian, cajun enthusiast, voter, and on better days, a not-too-awful-poet/rhymster. Welcome to my page. Enjoy.

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