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Old Flame

Hello, old flame—
Is it time to relight dead embers?
And are your eyes green or blue,
Asks the one who never remembers?
And do you remember when
We sunburned on Sandbridge Beach,
Searching for a lifelong love
That was always so far out of reach?
One of us sailed away;
The other went back to school.
Luckily you had escaped
A life with this poor old fool.
And why do we always reframe
The errors of our youthful past?
Now so older and wiser,
We know nothing can so long last
As the longing for sure arms;
Or someone to chase the dark cloud.
But, it seems to be my lot
That that someone I’m not allowed.
So, I guess I have to ask:
Do you even remember my name?
Because here I come a-calling—
Hello, old flame.



Now she’s gone
And it’s just me left here.
No, I don’t really think
I’d like another beer.
It’s a progression
In the park where
We used to walk over,
Is now all covered up
In a new spray of clover.
It’s a progression
And memories of us
Are now hard to hold onto;
The doctor says perhaps four months
Then I’ll be gone too.
It’s a progression
All the happy turns sad
About the time of sunset.
You wouldn’t like it here;
That I had agreed now I regret.
It’s a progression
Our kids are good;
I think we did pretty well;
Now nurses and lawyers—
All grown up from Farmer in the Dell.
It’s a progression
Yes, it’s time to rest
And for you to go.
I love you for coming,
I just wanted you to know.
It’s a progression

Just Stand Still

Been chasing, chasing, for so damn long
Just stand still
Lemme catcha breath
Wait wait
It’s not too late
I can be the one
I can do right
Always over the hill
Always out of sight
Just stand still
Songs are sung
Bells are all rung
Flood my mind
Stop a bit
Why so unkind
Just stand still
Over the hills
Across the sea
What must I do
Why can’t it be me
Just stand still

Friday The 13th Acadien

He ain’t user friendly
He prefers bottom shelf
You’ll never see it coming
He won’t much mind, himself
“Baby’s toys gracing the floor”
She asks if there’s gonna be another stanza—
“Baby breathless, asking for more”
He gets the glasses down from the credenza
He don’t care who won the game
He hates to mow the lawn
He’d like to return to Barcelona
But, well, he’s slightly overdrawn
“So, what are we up now, love?”
His muse has some quite juicy lines—
“Don’t worry, baby, we have the time.”
She has the all of everything for which he pines.
He writes the stuff after dark
He likes his second glass
The neighbors seem to cringe:
Pity, he really hasn’t much class
Remember, deeply, the seventies
When Zeppelin was all the rage?
(This rhymester’s saddest secret:
Why wasn’t he born Jimmy Page?)
He steals words from his muse:
“Carefully caressing every soft contour”
Anticipation sweet, removing those fancy shoes:
“Even her red toes, that he does adore”
He thinks he can dance
He’s torn it up with the best.
But here comes Friday the 13th
He won’t much mind this test.

–thanks for writing assist by June O!

Some Time Out Of Town

Would you like a drink?
Could you hold my hand?
Love for ever more?
No sweets, nothing quite so grand.
Let’s just find the dawn
And split up the day.
Should love bother to show
We’ll allow it to take its sway.
Don’t want no skinny love.
Don’t want no promises for the wind.
Just some time in your company;
Just share the space with someone kind.
Would you care to dance?
Mind the rutted grass and all—
The dust is enough to kill.
Can you feel the accordion’s call?
Back to the room:
After you, of course.
Let’s go find somewhere to eat,
I’m hungry like that horse.
Patates acadien, gumbo eleve
A chardonnay, esprit de coeurs
The feast casts a chance:
May I follow thru your door?

Smiles Deliver

Words often fail
Smiles deliver
A touch brushes by
We all shiver
Hoping against hope
The chord lingers
She turns to face
And traces with her fingers
Open your mind
Open your grasp
Close upon my heart
And feel me gasp
Before the bottle opens
And we tumble in the sand
I want to have earned you
Making you smile and safely grand
To dance beyond tomorrow
And chase horizons together
You had me at the pool game
So knock me over with your feather
Because you’re my firebird
Your flame burns so well
I’m not going anywhere
Can you tell?

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles

I have this wee littl heart
It comes with an even littler brain
We falls in and out of love
Again and again and again
Sweet Slidellians offer warm smiles
My wee brainy fluxes and fails
I wish I could be lesser wrong
And win more at heads or tails
But fortune smiles on the stupid
And fortune likes me just okay
Things are looking maybe toasty
If I could only get out of my own way
Gonna dance in Lafayette
Come crawfish, oysters, or high water
We’ll reel and saunter and smile
At leasts I think we should oughter
I have this wee littl heart
It comes with an even littler brain
We falls in and out of love
Like the rains that fall in Spain
Gonna arm’n’arming in that old Girard Park
Dontcha know that’s the thing for a love spark?


Nothing to absolve
Nothing to forgive
Feelings fall away
Like water thru a sieve

Never could I be good enough
For one as complex as thee
Your barque sails thru a Life
Over a dark and tortured sea

Two potions to bear you up
While those lessers wear you down
I hope you land on better shores
Then again to seize your crown

Because you’re the Queen of All Happiness
Like the good sun following an evil rain
Maybe someday we can scrabble it together
And silly talk into the night once again

Count Yr Blessings!

Count yr blessings!
Count ‘em all now!
Cuz when yer dead,
Won’t matter anymuch anymore anyhow.
Count yr blessings
Count ‘em quick!
Seems yr doing ok—
Better’n an eye hosting a stick!
Count yr blessings
Yes, you can count that high:
Kids, car, job, sweet hubby, house,
And all those friends: my o my o my!
Count yr blessings!
Count me in!
Cuz when yr gone,
Won’t be no time left over for sin!
Count yr blessings!
Count ‘em out all over the place!
Oh, my silly girl,
How I miss your blessed face!
Count yr blessings!
Count ‘em all now!
Cuz when yer back in St Tammany,
Won’t matter anymuch anymore anyhow.

Give The New Day

The sun was all comin’ out
The peach light had turned to gold
Another early heartbreak
Is how the old story is often told

The alarm rang and rang and rang
into the cooling empty room
she was pouring the cat his nibbles
another bride without her groom

left at an uptown flowered altar
her his friends left with their scant eyes
not a bit surprised was she
all those lies and lies and lies

her long-planned honeymoon
became another staycay
what if he dared to call
what possibly would she say

that sun now had found noon
the heat burned all the way down
she chanced to take a herself
to the store back in town

popping into Woolworth’s
she grazed the dollar record rack
heartbreak and hootenanny songs
were all that glanced back

hitting Baskin-Robbins
for a double scoop of rocky road
a tight napkin on her graham cracker cone
why hadn’t she seen he was just a toad

the sun found the far horizon
just like yesterday’s afternoon
the fat cat’s bowl refilled
the AM station changed its tune

the dishes found the rack
and she made as if ready for bed
nothing again on her tv set
she went back to Clavell instead

dreams came for our princess
as the fat cat curled up nearby
luckily for sister and me
Mom would give the new day another try