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Dorian on Wednesday

They dropped the flags at the beach!
Storms have moved farther offshore;
Time to power down the generator—
Be thankful for calmer days more,

A thankful sunset majestic,
As the rains soften and fall.
Come out, come out everyone—
Dance in Jupiter’s thrall!

Pray for Bahamas;
Pray for they of the islands;
We must offer succor;
We must do all that we can.

More will come out from Africa;
More storms to vex we many;
We always sure ready;
We always plan uncanny!

They’ve dropped the flags at the beach!
Storms have moved farther away.
Hold the children close;
Hold onto Life and pray!

Hey Mom, Hey Dad

Hey Mom, hey Dad
I have some news,
It’ll make you glad:
Lilly’s finished college,
She’s done with school;
Has bunches of job offers
And she’s still nobody’s fool—
Aint she something!

Hey Mom, hey Dad
There’s a little more news,
But this may be bad:
It’s about your eldest son;
There’s spots on some x-ray;
Nothing more to be done—
For me, it’s always something.

Hey Mom, hey Dad
I’ve something to say,
Hope you don’t get too mad:
I hate it you two weren’t around,
Seeing Lilly born, happy and growing;
See life worth living per every pound—
And that’s saying something!

Hey Mom, hey Dad
I guess I’ll go now
To face my own version of jihad;
Meet looming troubles on the yon side of living
With the grace to see the better in all,
Or at least yield to loss with a heart forgiving—
I hope this all meant something.
By Mom, Bye Dad

[I’m fine. Xray verse for poetic effect.]

There’s Doins

There’s doins down in Lafayette
Time for some has beans
No chardonnay in CenLa
No lover in New Orleans
Friday growing older
Rains chasing the sun across the day
Only 80 minutes to a Wilbry sunset—
What will the neighbors say?
Need to hear a Weasel solo
Pierce another load of complacence
Need to find something real
To make any of this make sense
Sidewalks in the glen crest—
Where will the trees go?
Are you still drinking bad red wine?
Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know?
There’s something at the Artmosphere
And at the RocknBowl club too
Can you teach me to be discerning:
So, why is the sky so blue?

Safe And Sound

Such a woman, such as she
Loves another, left me a mystery
I met her first
But seems he met her best
I managed in roadie grunge
He twas gorgeous in the wedding vest
An Acadien Kaplan beauty
Wreathed in Spanish moss
Too many miles across the river
Sad to say but twas a grand loss
They’re still in wedded bliss, blest be
I’ve tarried beyond on other wry ground
But that’s how it all seems to pass, you see—
She’s happy Safe and I’m still lost in Sound

Cute Little Millie Second

Cute little Millie Second
Spritzed on by
Sweet little Millie Second
Almost make me cry
Darling little Millie Second
Not half a moment
Wee little Millie Second
A life fully zip spent
And there’s never enough time
Gone, just like this rhyme


Curdled words on a crumpled up paper;
Inevitable, the well would run dry;
He bethought himself a poet,
The Incredulotti wondered: what! how? why?
Tonality and lyricism of Lennonistic bent
Was all he could muster so late last Lent;
Irish courage from shores so Sonoma.
Whither rendering the last’s sarcoma
Or stealing a feeling from a grey Rad head;
Will he ever launder those sheet’s rank bed?
Louder and louder still the amp turns eleven.
Old rocker’s soaring trills thrill again.
But there’s no crowd to linger amongst the turnstiles,
Another limpid verse seeks posting on pueriles.
Looking for his cool, clever finish—
Good luck with that, Go Fish!


As it’s understood
Kinda comes and goes
And as everyone knows
It’s just the luck of the draw
No matter they’re the prettiest thing you saw
So it’s the better thing
When we all can sing
Love shared is something we should
Savor better than mere pulchritude

Love So Deep

At an unheard of depth
Love came for the nautiloid
Johnathan Squeezles had arrived—
Bestie friends all called him Floyd.
Cheryl Cuttlewitz armed over,
Newly arrived from the Marianas;
Her big-eyed charm woulda, coulda;
Won her many loves in the Louisianas.
Down, way down in the Abyssallania
Semelparity is no joke;
A moment’s passing cosmic thrill
Then, ‘out the pool’, ya just croak!
So Floyd played it cool,
Aint no ordinary squid would do,
Arms must be so supple
And ink of deepest melanin blue.
Neptune wouldst bless this match—
Cheryl outgraced all her sisters.
She’d demurred too many lacking;
So many maze dead misters.
Floyd, a genius elder of five months,
Arms amongst enwrapped arms about our maiden.
Cheryl allowed this full bold demonstration;
Our Floyd channeled the might of the Kraken!
Love flourished, the merest blink of an eye;
Cheryl, englowed, flowed away in the tide.
Floyd full spent, satisfied, as would please Darwin,
Roiled about his arms, then smartly, coolly died.
Love in the depths is at a price so very dear—
I can but wonder: would you go so far, my dear?

Summer Fancy

Across the dank protean mire
On the slope of a mowed field
The breeze rumples a page over
And the lass missed the poets last verse
Bewitched by the youth’s jogging pace passing by
She dared imagine his arms about hers
And pondered about passion’s cruel curse

The sudden rain scampered our lass
While the boy turned north and to dorm
The promise of Summer freshened newly
Like Latin winds bringing Mercury back to Rome
And a new Arachnida’s web is woven
Life and Death never pause nor long tarry
A half Moon finds the eve’s far horizon
Rooms aren’t the only thing empty back home

Shy winking stars spangle up
To make smart the Southern sky
Lass and lad miles apart wash dishes done
Neither knowing the others’ longing heart
Many mini plans made for reading nooks
A mighty edifice rises in the Tangipahoa
A counselor and her crook’s getaway suite
In a half-told love tale just at the start


Spangled Jewesses
Cry the Shoah;
Life was more splendid
In the company of Noah.
Now Muhammad rages—
Bloodies all the pages:
Can’t our child tremble at a first kiss?
Where did we go wrong? What went amiss?

Pagans, heroes, and martyrs,
All greet the dawn;
Who amongst us despairs
At the Spring’s new mowed lawn?
What ersatz supremacy has mastered
Over the Lunar Penumbra?
Colours convex and illuminate,
While toiled souls, lost, crumble.

And tomorrow comes soft;
Plans made, bed made, bread spread marmalade;
The race renewed for best laid plans.
Bainwood for The Quarter is in better trade.
While the rain lingers oer the park
As an old heart passes from light to dark.