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Love So Deep

At an unheard of depth
Love came for the nautiloid
Johnathan Squeezles had arrived—
Bestie friends all called him Floyd.
Cheryl Cuttlewitz armed over,
Newly arrived from the Marianas;
Her big-eyed charm woulda, coulda;
Won her many loves in the Louisianas.
Down, way down in the Abyssallania
Semelparity is no joke;
A moment’s passing cosmic thrill
Then, ‘out the pool’, ya just croak!
So Floyd played it cool,
Aint no ordinary squid would do,
Arms must be so supple
And ink of deepest melanin blue.
Neptune wouldst bless this match—
Cheryl outgraced all her sisters.
She’d demurred too many lacking;
So many maze dead misters.
Floyd, a genius elder of five months,
Arms amongst enwrapped arms about our maiden.
Cheryl allowed this full bold demonstration;
Our Floyd channeled the might of the Kraken!
Love flourished, the merest blink of an eye;
Cheryl, englowed, flowed away in the tide.
Floyd full spent, satisfied, as would please Darwin,
Roiled about his arms, then smartly, coolly died.
Love in the depths is at a price so very dear—
I can but wonder: would you go so far, my dear?


Hospice Junction

So ready to cry in your arms,
But today’s broken heart is so déclassé.
I hold my iPhone in my clammy hand,
But mustn’t text when you’ve nothing to say.
Broken low down here in Hospice Junction:
I see pretty flowers wreathing the pretty birds.
I hear some pretty lady chaplain
Breathlessly whispering her fine holy words.
Some seventy-two have now come and gone—
The team completing some of their unending chore.
They’ve resurfaced that old tattered roadway, and,
And, another admission: how do they go on any more?
The Sun and Dawn drags up another new day,
Nurses and the all will shoo away the Dark and the Harms.
And they won’t get home until way after dark
O so ready to cry in your arms.