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Yay hooray
Achieved intoxication
Sorta kinda in-home vacation
Stay home, don’t alive
Avoid tickets and all that kinda jive
Thursday night
A faux start weekend
What will the future subtend?
Muscles, tendons
Fascia in full alarm
Tho’ never meant you no harm
Need a haircut
And a full-time occupation
Please a reprise in a better situation
Breathing in
My book arrives from Amazon
Still here, tho’ rather’d be gone
A wonderful moment
Aspirin and merlot do attest
Brunettes t’embrasse really are the best
Yay hooray
Encountered Beatlemania
But there are still no vampires in Transylvania


T’aint My Graine

Mrs. Sweet Boss don’t feel very good
And that makes me whole lots some sad
Cuz Mrs. Sweet Boss
Is the best boss t’we’all ever had!

She has a workin’ headache
It stops you in your tracks.
Wisht I could give her sumpin
To quell these cerebral attacks.

Maybe an aspirin,
Or perhaps caffeine tea—
O, Mrs. Sweet Boss
Wes’all’s need a smile from thee.

Mrs. Sweet Boss feeling kinda bad
But she’s the best boss wes’all’s ever had!