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Now she’s gone
And it’s just me left here.
No, I don’t really think
I’d like another beer.
It’s a progression
In the park where
We used to walk over,
Is now all covered up
In a new spray of clover.
It’s a progression
And memories of us
Are now hard to hold onto;
The doctor says perhaps four months
Then I’ll be gone too.
It’s a progression
All the happy turns sad
About the time of sunset.
You wouldn’t like it here;
That I had agreed now I regret.
It’s a progression
Our kids are good;
I think we did pretty well;
Now nurses and lawyers—
All grown up from Farmer in the Dell.
It’s a progression
Yes, it’s time to rest
And for you to go.
I love you for coming,
I just wanted you to know.
It’s a progression


Well you can have yr napas
And your alexandres valley too
But for me
Sweet Charlene
Its gotta be sonoma
If you wanna more

Go those screaming pitchers
And the foam runs like no tomorrow
But for me
Sweet Charlene
Its gotta be sonoma
If you gonna git me

Play them ponies
And those fantasy teams so n(aw)fl
But for me
Lil Charlene
Its gonna be sonoma
If ya gotta play for free

Flash yer baby blues
And those puppies fo sho
But for me
Sweet Charlene
Its always a glassa sonoma
If its me you wanna see