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It’s “Sally Gossamer Wingstep”

Sally Gossamer Wingstep really kinda hates her name—
Why not Prudence or Eleanor?
Something with a little heft or fame?
“Sally” is so so simple, and just a bit syrupy
Like someone maybe alien or from part of Mississippi!

Sally Gossamer Wingstep loves her German cousin’s name—
Katja Bunche Starlight!
Now THAT sounds like someone of real fame.
“Sally” just slumps all over, like an overlarge butt,
Like someone pretty rustic from the environs of Connecticut.

Sally Gossamer Wingstep would like to know your name—
Alexander? Margaret? Lillian? Alphonse?
Changing hers might be part of the game.
For now she’s just “Sally,” sad but too true,
Now, if she can just get over this horrid flu!