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You asked of late how I was,
I failed to answer.
I was in the company of Misery,
But not to fret;
Misery has been my companion long these short 62 years.
We are old close-kept friends,
But such marvelous blues:
Steel, royal, sky, ice, midnight,
And the pale blue-white of late sunset:
A miserable color as neither pure nor hearkening of dark.
But my friend—
I am well enough to run a half-mile
And smart enough to take a dosage of sufficient aspirin;
I no longer hurt so much,
But for the loneliness.
Misery shares such liberally with me,
We both explore the Small Empty.
In the fullness of Time I have shared great times
And small reverses with co-workers and patients and their families,
But no more.
I’m in between opportunities,
So I remain,
Yours truly,


Something Else

Ran out of red wine,
Ate all the almonds;
Ain’t this healthy living
Something else.

Managed a mile run;
Piled on the push-ups;
Ain’t this healthy living
Something else.

But I ain’t got you,
And no love is no good.
Aren’t you coming over?
Oh, if only you would.

Starting with several sit-ups;
Onto the overhead press.
Ain’t this healthy living
Something else.

Stemming the saturated fats;
Diving after the Vitamin D3.
Ain’t this healthy living
Something else.

But you’re still not here
As all these alleged muscles get sore.
To fully complete this course
Requires I be with you a whole lot more!

Don’t want any more red wine
And you can keep the nuts:
Please get over here—
No ifs, ands, or buts.