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JAZZ FEST Go To The Gospel Tent

I want to go back to the streetcars,
the beads in the trees,
the shady uncle cousin someone
round the corner who has JUST what I need,
just a little after midnight; then
I need that walk the length of Esplanade Blvd
during Jazz Fest to approach that steamy Southern Mecca of Sound
where a southern soul can find release and respite and relish the latest fishy dish;
the only crawfish here is the department of no transportation
as I sit and sit and sit and inch by millimeter creep on home,
at TWO in the afternoon…[the schools aren’t out yet!]!
and all the girls are sworn sisters from the order of pure remorse,
how sad.
Texas friendly…you got the dough, they’ll be your friend,
but all my grapes are sour and its Friday, the stereo is on twelve—
the cd is on capricorn records and a lil band from Georgia…Ah-MAN!
so let’s raise that glass of merlot from St Francis, sonoma valley—
brother gots a pig valve, and aunty is winning at bourre, de cours.
Go to the gospel tent! Where’s that streetcar…

Holidays 2014

Sparkling stars dusting the November heavens above;
A house full of family with bounteous amounts of Love.
Tops of moptops bent over for thanks and solemn prayer.
Dog respectful under table, he knows he’ll get a share.
Pumpkin, whipped crème, with cranberry sauce;
Give me that turkey and I’ll show you who’s boss.
Croissant cooling butterously over on the trivet;
Uncle clamoring for seconds…drumstick? Hey, give it!
I think it must be Thanksgiving, a Thursday nonpareil
And then Christmas is coming. We get presents—f’real!