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Thank God, the Sun finally fell,
And my grass is all hay, as far as I can tell.
And, she has remarried, well done, well-played;
While I return to my room and its old bed, unmade.

How to escape these grayer ill-jointed days
As we reap the errors of our less-traveled stupid ways—
Find a job, see the doctors, count to ten.
You are right, you’ll never touch her again.

Mercury pauses up past one hundred and two;
Horrible news arrived from the Audubon Zoo;
A jaguar slipped her man-made enclosure;
Happily-ever-after looks very far from sure.

This Heatwave is here for another fortnight.
Wear your sunscreen, hold onto fantasies tight.
Pay the right bills, sell the rest of the stock.
O to have mystick time like from Ashland’s clock.

Weather well, all ye Christians, thru this Austin heatwave.
Gather fresh chrysanthemums for this Land of the Brave.


Eyes So Green and Plumage Rich Blue

Seeking the answer
At the door of your distain;
Turning away full empty
And all alone yet again.
The minor chords
Shuffle across the page:
Is there that heart of gold
For one of my age?
Pan Wren, Pan Wren
Take me to your nest.
Pan Wren, Pan Wren
Take me at your best.
Love in the pre-active;
Gazes of stillborn glee;
2014—a million years away.
You and I were to become we.
Record heat in October;
Your heart in deep freeze.
My lady glances away
And I get up off my knees.
Pan Wren, Pan Wren
Take me to your nest.
Pan Wren, Pan Wren
Take me at your best.
Left to wishing you well;
Ill-content with memories few.
Fly strong, Pan Wren,
Eyes so green and plumage rich blue.