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Curdled words on a crumpled up paper;
Inevitable, the well would run dry;
He bethought himself a poet,
The Incredulotti wondered: what! how? why?
Tonality and lyricism of Lennonistic bent
Was all he could muster so late last Lent;
Irish courage from shores so Sonoma.
Whither rendering the last’s sarcoma
Or stealing a feeling from a grey Rad head;
Will he ever launder those sheet’s rank bed?
Louder and louder still the amp turns eleven.
Old rocker’s soaring trills thrill again.
But there’s no crowd to linger amongst the turnstiles,
Another limpid verse seeks posting on pueriles.
Looking for his cool, clever finish—
Good luck with that, Go Fish!



One glass gone
And my poetry’s weak
Two glass gone
It’s been a week
Three glass gone
I cannot speak
Another glass gone
Am I a freak?
I prefer a little Taylor
With my poignant Lennon
When you party
Who do you lean on?
Nope, no girlfriend
And, so I wine
Naw, no reason
[Put the stereo on ten] let’s all rock on!
One glass gone
Let’s radiate
Two glass gone
Three glass gone
Four glass gone
Hey, You, wait!
Who’d have guessed?
If I was depressed
We work in hospice
We’re all a bit stressed
But Sarah then flies free
We all applaud
Is it Summer all ready?
Oh, Lawd, Lawd, Lawd…
One glass gone
And my poetry’s freak
Two glass gone
Hide and seek
Three glass gone
I cannot speak
Another glass gone
I shouldn’t speak…


I have a dream
#Je suis Charlie
Express Yourself
Be not afraid
Life, Liberty, and the
Pursuit of Happiness
#Je suis Charlie
Of the People, By the People,
For the People
There is no cause for which
I’m willing to kill
Turn thy other cheek
#Je suis Charlie
Free at last, free at last,
Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last
Love Thy Neighbor
#Je suis Charlie