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Tu Et Moi

Hey! What’s cooking?
Girl, put on some pants!
I’m so so grateful
How you make can out of my can’ts.
Making birthday plans—
Who’s going out of town?
Can you tell me what’s coming up
Or how we’ll never live it down?
Tu et moi:
We still work this well-traveled path.
La dee dah—
Do you really want to do the math?
A glass or two
Usually really does the trick,
But you’re not that way
And I think I’m not that thick.
Wherever we’re going,
It’s the best being it’s homemade!
Let’s meet on the avenue;
We’ll try to find some shade.
Tu et moi:
We still walk this old graveled road.
La dee dah—
I could be your poeter a la mode.
Chocolateness coconut
Or a lemony doberge:
Sweet enough for everyone—
No taste ever to disparage.
Amused you’re a Muse?
There’s more on the way.
Let’s work this connection,
Girl, whattayasay?
Tu et moi:
With sunshine or a little rain
Thank you for answering—
It’s lovely to hear you again.


On Park Road 4

White wine poetry,
Sounds a bit fishy,
Wouldn’t you agree?
A summer time swill
Works its will
A mite underhandedly.
A bouquet demarche,
One could say—
Your smile betrays assent.
Poisson finish sweet:
Pears and lemon greet,
A cheerful air succulent.
Finish your glass,
My once fine lass,
As fire rises to your eyes!
Perissos Viognier 2014,
The heart races keen:
Oh, how the poor boy tries!