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The Smirking Box

A smirking box landed on my door:
Ha, didn’t think you cared anymore!
Oh, old letters, stuff, rings and things, passe—
So, you’re really telling me to go away?

Another storm warning for our Gulf shore
Nicholas’s turn to Louisiana full explore;
Biblical inches so promised, we’ll get thorough wet,
But ‘tis not Armageddon, at least not yet

Another drained glass with merlot at the store;
Palmolive suds up the dishes to drain galore;
Wishbone Ash chasing golden hair blowing free;
Paris in two weeks, just to see what I can see

Smirking box makes it all the way out to the dumpster
Along with samesuch trash with our inarticulate Trumpster.
The stars out of reach for sad hearts so compressed
Ah, so it’s Noon, I ‘spose I’ll go get dressed


Love So Deep

At an unheard of depth
Love came for the nautiloid
Johnathan Squeezles had arrived—
Bestie friends all called him Floyd.
Cheryl Cuttlewitz armed over,
Newly arrived from the Marianas;
Her big-eyed charm woulda, coulda;
Won her many loves in the Louisianas.
Down, way down in the Abyssallania
Semelparity is no joke;
A moment’s passing cosmic thrill
Then, ‘out the pool’, ya just croak!
So Floyd played it cool,
Aint no ordinary squid would do,
Arms must be so supple
And ink of deepest melanin blue.
Neptune wouldst bless this match—
Cheryl outgraced all her sisters.
She’d demurred too many lacking;
So many maze dead misters.
Floyd, a genius elder of five months,
Arms amongst enwrapped arms about our maiden.
Cheryl allowed this full bold demonstration;
Our Floyd channeled the might of the Kraken!
Love flourished, the merest blink of an eye;
Cheryl, englowed, flowed away in the tide.
Floyd full spent, satisfied, as would please Darwin,
Roiled about his arms, then smartly, coolly died.
Love in the depths is at a price so very dear—
I can but wonder: would you go so far, my dear?

Double Dressed

Didn’t die for my country:
Would it help if I were more Hispanic?
Seems we’re all supposed to hate trumps;
Should I need to be more trytophannic?

Mad at me, mad at you—
Not the least bit “Chosen”.
Forget you, it’s not about me:
How long has your heart been frozen?

Let’s converse.
Find a way inside.
Do you still sleep alone?
Is there room by your side?

So many “fat-is-cool” shows,
And the stars’ car’s windows are all blacked out.
Define for me small-n Normal.
All cogent sides seem to have little doubt.

And a lady goes to Mexico;
Fishheads mingle in the sweet surreal.
Wanna live next to some boiled crawfish:
Why sucha big freaking’ deal?

You can have me with a dance at the Columns
Or a double oyster dressed from Domilise’s.
Let’s zydeco across lawn at Cyprimont Point.
You’re so pretty, so say all your nieces!