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Embursed, It’s A Word!

Went to see David E.
Who’s been lately ailin;
Tried not to be nervous
Or afraid people’d start wailin—
I’d be embursed.

‘T’well walked on in
For my hi and goodbye;
Brought along my kid,
She gave polite a good try—
Twasn’t embursed.

But tried to think of things
Interesting and cool to say
But my old fumblebutt brain
Couldn’t think of much to relay—
I was kinda embursed.

Saw my two cousins second,
Removed, at their fine Laffy house.
Hope I was proper thankful
And didn’t act like some kinda louse
Or all embursed.

And so now I write these little rimes:
Like ‘em? You could will or you wont.
Still’m so thankful for your time
And for me please please don’t
Feel embursed.