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Unthought Feelings Deep

So by chance he espied a glance of your grinning soul
And as your witted smile warmed the dying man’s room
Your nursey self took charge to ask the daughter what’s up
While this pobre social worker heart upsoared—vroom!

Twas a broken wiper and no path to offer an assist
With appointments so varied and faraway to keep
Another fare-thee-well and a spare cheek unkissed
Seeing the ring, he buried unthought feelings deep

But when you’re a halfpenny
How do you compete with a coin of gold?
It’s just the same old thing—
A never to be love, the usual story oft told

But the angels came and spoilt this fine story
Took one heart but then left the other so alone
The prayers fell out all over for the one taken to glory
But in the dark the left behind keen and moan

Across the road, the river, the plains, and a state line
The hurt is shared but the yearning put up and folded away
Wishing for her many happy days and nights, cool and fine
And hush, maybe we can share a Texas sunset one easy day



Pristine porcelain perfectly placed
With lingering finger a smile is traced
Classical glass consistently glistens
With cultured ear she only half-listens
Soft sibilances query assent
Arching eyebrow answers consent
Slinky silky dress arises to lead
Pleated khaki with beard stands to accede
Darkening dormer denotes delicatesse
Tonight total absence of any distress

Pristine porcelain perfectly placed
A lingering smile with finger is traced
The statuetted angel haloes lowly
The new winter morn dawns slowly
Singlet green shoot tests the air
Of refreshed romance remolding the pair
Bearded one has more to show
Silky smiles but hates to go
Promises passed and sealed the usual way
But their daughter awaits at Grannie May