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Hush Filming!

The colding front chased the Silver Starvation
Across the Potomac all the way to Ashland Station
Poor Slow Dave had his tripod out posted well
He caught the loco’s lumbering with its clanking bell

Sunset was long passed with a cutting chill in the air
Poor Slow Dave smiled because he just didn’t care
He got another fine shot destined to be railfanner’s gold
See, he had talent and skill, if the plain truth be told

Pushing the Stop button to preserve this last night scene
He prided himself in clear views with framing tight and clean
Poor Slow Dave hoisted up his padded tripod everyone knew
So smartly efficient, this young fellow needed no crew

Packed up snug for the short drive south to home
No telling at all where tomorrow he might roam
Field or crossing or deserted CSX construction zone
Poor Slow Dave will get the shot, but please don’t phone!


Wait On Tomorrow

In the flat awful of your newly broken heart,
Find that space for a (yes) scant new start.
It’s a hard surprise, a twist in the plot;
It’s your chance to show ’em what you got–
A vision true to see over the far yonder hill:
That happiness can still find you, I know it will!
So repair to a bed that druther entertain two
That is again graced with the joy of just you.
Wait on tomorrow.
See the new day.
Start a new poem!
Whattaya say?

Patience Exacts

My mind is gone
My time is not my own
My heart is besotted
My dreams on hold
My wishes burn soft
My hopes transmit
I pray for you the simple very best
Your hug and kiss await
With anticipation

Sign In

Sign in, click here, and wait
Sign in, click here, and wait
When the page loads it’ll be great
But seems such is not our fate
As the little wheel goes round and round
Goes round and round
Round and round and round
Round and round and round
Do the dishes
Round and round and round
Polish the silver
Round and round and round
Mow the lawn
Round and round and round
Read War and Peace in the original English
Round and round and round
Wash the cat
Round and round and round
Go to the ER [WHO washes cats?!]
Round and round…
Page opens!
But, sigh, there’re no comments:
Feel sadder than burnt toast, holy grommets!
Well, nothing to add right now
Guess I’ll sign back in tomorrow
X out