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Steal On Back

The little girl with the blue lacy dress
Came tottering on down the road
Thinking of cakes and the sizzle bacon makes
And Tommy’s stupid old frog toad

Fingers soft feeling the picket fence
The dress spotted green from Walnut Creek pond
Blue lacy dress was wondering about running on home—
Maybe crossing over by Memory Hill beyond

Stupid Tommy’s frog peed all over—
Getting away seemed to be the thing
But ain’t no way she gonna show
That she was just some girly nothing

Blue lacy dress got on back safe home—
Momma’s pie cooling on the tin Woolworth’s rack
Tommy boy troubles are for old tomorrow
When down to the hollows she’ll steal on back

NEVER Ask Meringue The Reason Why

Arrogant cupcake
Pompous pie
NEVER ask meringue the reason why
Ice cream socialists
Mainstream macaroons
Dessert before Indignity ever the cry!
Gimme the sweet
Gimme the custard
I don’t quite think
Cookies go with mustard
Uppity lemon zest
Dowager doughnut
Gotta get a dozen on a dare
Chocolate immalted
Maple syrup unfurled
Oh how Nanny will stare
Gimme the sweet
Gimme the sugar
I brush and I floss
Everyone licorice one another!