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Isosceles Conic Evergreen Fir

Isosceles conic evergreen fir
Sturdy tree stand [add water]
Eggnog for everyone!
Stringed electric coloured lights (blinky ones optional)
Baubles, bulbs, spears, tinsel, little one’s handmade ornament(s)
Star or Christmas Angel on top
Energize stringed electric coloured lights (Oh, hope they’re some blinky ones)
De-energize room lighting
“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…”
Liberally surround in depth with presents as needed

Holidays 2014 Nr. 2

Sally Gossamer Wingstep’s wings could barely hold her up—
Arriving with tons of presents, she only could manage ”‘sup?”
Wrappings of blues and reds and greens with white and some gold—
Her answer to every salesman pitch wasn’t “How much?” but “SOLD!”
Traveling across hill and dale, ‘round the bend, and back,
You’d think her goal was that she alone would fill Ole Santa’s sack.
She’d seen him once long ago when riding in her grandfather’s sleigh:
Gramps’s sled and Santa’s passed and Gramps called out to him “Hey!”
She’ll never forget that old man’s smile and eyes crinkling so warm…
[Which I’m remembering to you by writing this here Christmas parm.]
Sally Gossamer Wingstep wrapped the presents, my how her fingers flew—
I hope you will get what you want and Merry Christmas to You!