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B&W Autograph

His smile
Blunted and shunted off to the corner of a face
The eyes
Hooded, angry, pleading—
A cold Covington, LA winter day,
But Bright Sunny,
But not his smile;
Peacoat buttoned up,
Chin up,
Why was he caged in his playpen inside the chickenWireFence?
Years later they’d say it was to
Keep out the snakes,
But the trauma was past and present,
He had boldly wandered into realms beyond a childhood safe and simple,
In the Brownie black and white photo he kept,
To remember,
To hope,
To repair,
Kept for his own sake
And proof:


I thunk I thought
I knew where I was going
I think I thunk
It’ll all be okay
But then I got
To where I was going
And then I thought
This has been a helluva day
I thunk I thought
I knew what I was doing
I think I thunk
Sure, I know the way
But then I got
To what I wanted
And so thought
There’s just no way
Ergo: If one finds one spends such a surfeit of time in one’s head
Then one reaches invariably the conclusion you probably ought to be somewhere else instead