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Skip Skipping

Time is skip slipping
As the rain comes misting down
I think I really like you
With you I can sing and clown
Time is a sore pouring
The wine is half gone
Dance we again across the floor
We spin and spin until half-passed dawn

Time stops stupid short
You skitter sweetly out the door
You seem positively unsure
If you’ll come this way anymore

Time comes to do laundry
Separate the lights from the sweats
But we’d danced so hand-in-glove—
Always seem to lose at these kind of bets

Time for my daily bread work
Cloths are all neatly pressed
On a misty kind of rainy morning
One must always look one’s best

Because when the time seems right and the Sun supershines
The world may yet crash down but you still must work the mines
Wanna dance?


Freakin Linkedin

So many silly names
Linked in linked in
So many stupid games
Linked in linked in
Gonna track down a job
Linked in linked in
Please hire this homeless slob
Linked in linked in
I know everyone on your so-connected tree
Linked in linked in
Wanna to try a month of Premium for free
Linked in linked in
Come get your endorsements and recommendations too
When we’re done with linked in then tis time for facebook beta two

Freedom [preposition] Religion

Two lapsed Catholics
Sitting neath the tree
Contemplating the meaning
Of Eternity.
First comes Doubt,
Followed by Despair,
Then they’re closing down all the bars
Because they just don’t…
Give a rat’s rear end anymore.