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Remember when we did as we pleased?
Now we’re wrinkled, gray, and diseased
With Rage that crushes any caring heart,
And drops us low to our knees—
There is no succor or understanding
For respite or for relief for any parents’ pleas.
Why do we think ourselves
Into such boxes of darkness
Into that snare of ever wrong turns?
To put down hard roots
Into a never loved land,
Grasping, with our heart that burns—
Another lost kite strung over a high tree,
Another lost thing we swore to safe keep—
Living a clueless life beyond what we hear or see;
As now I lay me down to sleep?

–Amberly Alexis Barnett’s body was found in an undisclosed location early Saturday morning hours after authorities began searching for the 11-year-old, who was last seen at her aunt’s house in Mt. Vernon, Ala.



the downward curl of her mocking grin
is something to be avoided:
because you’ll lose your mind, lose your heart
lose everything you ever enjoyed;
as she fills your mind, fills your soul,
fills the reason for your very breath—
and you won’t mind, because in time,
you’ll lose your fear of death.

the slight crook of her mastering finger
is the signal of abandon:
give up the dawn, give up the logical,
as respite becomes a phantom;
she is now the sun, the all wise,
the purest crystalline alkaloid—
because of those eyes, those Cupid’s bow lips,
you’ll morph into her true android.

you will know the power of the Dark Side,
now her company is all you will ever abide.