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Our National League

Down and dirty
‘Round the bend
Yes this election
Will meet its end

Who’s gonna win
I kinda don’t care
It doesn’t matter
Who sits in the Oval Chair

Cuz the real power
Resides in the House
[It’s just our representatives
Have the brains of a mouse]

So come Nov 9th
The mess will be over
And we can turn our thoughts
To Spring and green clover

On Hilary! On Donald!
Or whoever makes chief dobbin
Remember that the best news of the year is:
Cubs win! Cubs win!! Cubs win!!!


A November To Keebler

18 more days of insanity
Who you gonna vote for?
I’d rather wash my dishes
Then head to any polling door

Maybe write bad poetry
Or paint those shuttered shelves
Who is going to be president?
I’d rather the Keebler elves!

What would be their policy
For thieves and foul mouths?
Whither goest medical or tax policy?
Is the border secure in the souths?

ISIS or ISIL shrinks out in the Middle East
Somehow I think that’s our problem least