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Awesome Is Said WAY TOO MUCH

Turning 61
I decided I need more awesome in my little life
Hi, Awesome!
But turning 61
Reminds me I ought do better
And then some!
Flying 61
I still play my music up around ten
Tis worrisome
Feeling not a bit 61
You oughta see my long long hair
Who said “gruesome?!”
Tomorrow 61, plus one
Got lots of good social working to do
Whether at a facility or in home
Rocking 61
Wish you were here
That’d be…well, AWESOME!

Another October

Ok, so October is back,
And things are new rough.
Ain’t cuttin’ no slack;
But things are looming tough.
Hours cut to nuthin’,
But the heart will serve,
So, no use idle cussin’,
Just another Life surprise curve.
So, play some of dem Stones,
Put the amp up near ten,
No use makin’ bones
With where you ain’t never goin’ again.
Born on the wrong planet—
So let’s festival acadien, over thisaway:
Laissez le bon temps…
Qu’est-ce que c’est?