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Andreas andreas

Andreas andreas
All those marathon training miles:
Was it all only pain;
Didn’t you see any approving smiles?

Germanwing germanwing
Dashed down from the sky.
All the aghast readers
Cannot cope with the why.

depression DEpression
Is totally breathlessly for real,
But to flee the nameless dragon
And take 150 lives to steal.

Andreas andreas
We may never hear the call—
The desperately silently sad
Alone crushed by life’s pall.

1 (800) 273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Where to go from here?
Leaving my Sri Lanka,
Who’ll even shed a tear?
Slow down, heart slow down,
Lie down near any door.
My stupid, cowardly, selfish heart
Wouldn’t take anymore.
How’s it gonna be
When I’m not there?
Another wrong answer—
Illiterati of Ferguson won’t care.
Show me the way
Out of this miserable box.
When the manse’s master died
Did they really stop all the clocks?
Slow down, heart slow down:
“He was nice, I guess.”
Just another lowly clown.