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LIVE, at Tipitina’s

Why can’t I write like a sunny day?
Like a frosty day when the setting sun cries alone
Missing his Moon just over the horizon
But I do having something to say
I just can’t get it out just like Taylor does
And I found not every why has a because
And alone I bend over this laptop
Singing along with a 4 moptop
Band from Liverpoolland
I wanna radiate but I’m 500 miles apart
Why do I always sublet my own life’s part?

Let’s Meet On A Beach

Let’s meet on a beach
Far far out of reach
Of all the cares of the World
We’ll dance in the sun
And then go for a run
Our love banner flapping unfurled

Then late into the night
Far far from the sight
Of all the naysayers around
We’ll cuddle under the Moon
With passion red and maroon
Celebrating our love newfound

Let’s meet on a beach
Our future in reach
The sun blessing in golden rays
We’ll return hand-in-hand
Our hearts happy and grand
Moving smartly into our better days