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Unfriend and Block!
Unfriend and Block!
We always get here—
It’s such a crock!
My heart knows you,
Your spirit knows mine—
I truly hope for your happiness;
I know Bainwood will be mighty fine.
I miss my cohort,
A partner in crime—
We’ve been to the darker realms;
Survived the horrors and the grime.
I miss-texted to you:
TTFN came across too clever:
I was wiped and saddened,
But NOT to cut you off forever!
You’re right, she should’ve asked,
But too tired and dehydrated,
My understanding was lost and masked.
May time heal this wound,
Our friendship gone all kablooey,
But I send tons of Love and Joy your way;
I remain, Kit Kat, yours truly.