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T’aint My Graine

Mrs. Sweet Boss don’t feel very good
And that makes me whole lots some sad
Cuz Mrs. Sweet Boss
Is the best boss t’we’all ever had!

She has a workin’ headache
It stops you in your tracks.
Wisht I could give her sumpin
To quell these cerebral attacks.

Maybe an aspirin,
Or perhaps caffeine tea—
O, Mrs. Sweet Boss
Wes’all’s need a smile from thee.

Mrs. Sweet Boss feeling kinda bad
But she’s the best boss wes’all’s ever had!

Brussel Sprouts!

Stomped Sally Gossamer Wingstep
On her non-existent floor,
Seems she’d flown into Jonathan’s web:
A thing she’d sworn she’d never do anymore!
As he skittered up an anchor strand,
Jonathan begged for her forgiveness;
Twas an old construction, he pled;
How he whimpered at her evident distress!
The ensnared forest fairy
Was sore mad as sour mushroom-heck,
But, she softened at his contrition;
True sorrow did she detect.
“It’s ok, Jon-Jon,”
Cooed Sally Gossamer Wingstep,
As limbs and wings plopped free:
Tis been months and months
Since she’d been on this side of the Queen’s Tree.
Offering tea and lavender,
Jonathan offered a feast with friendship;
But, Sally Gossamer Wingstep quick declined—
Maybe to share a cuppa on a future trip.
Spin soaring into the morning Sun,
Sally watched as Jonathan set to toil
Dismantling the errant sticky trap
That had caused her lightness to boil.
Off to the tribe’s market,
Sally Gossamer Wingstep continued out,
Trying to remember her shopping list…
Oh yes, Brussel sprouts!