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A Leaf of Plot

Death raised his scythe on high
The Final Answer was at hand
No more questions broached
No replies begged or risked demand

The leaf at last let it all go
Fluttered to its demise below
The wind added its sighed contempt
Blew our leaf scuttering to a future undreamt

Down the path with attention rapt
A 17-nothing wrought prose off the rack
Laurie screamed—the leaf brushed her face!
Characterization blanched: there’d be no turning back

A writer in a Nature, freed of pretense
Her plot thickened and made Total Sense
Death winced scurrilously and not too haughty
17-nothing conjured twists bland and who knows—naughty?

The wind richened and hurried our protagonists along:
A dead leaf and a fallowed teenager trying to catch the song


Embursed, It’s A Word!

Went to see David E.
Who’s been lately ailin;
Tried not to be nervous
Or afraid people’d start wailin—
I’d be embursed.

‘T’well walked on in
For my hi and goodbye;
Brought along my kid,
She gave polite a good try—
Twasn’t embursed.

But tried to think of things
Interesting and cool to say
But my old fumblebutt brain
Couldn’t think of much to relay—
I was kinda embursed.

Saw my two cousins second,
Removed, at their fine Laffy house.
Hope I was proper thankful
And didn’t act like some kinda louse
Or all embursed.

And so now I write these little rimes:
Like ‘em? You could will or you wont.
Still’m so thankful for your time
And for me please please don’t
Feel embursed.