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Throw Me Something Mister

Did ya see it—
That smile on that little kid’s face?
I’m pretty really actually sure
The kid doesn’t want to be in any other place.
Did you see that smile—
On the masked fellow on the float # 3?
Those two open hands slicing thru the air
On this Mardi Gras in 1973.
Oh, how the sun came out,
Full and bright and warm;
The rays coursing, bouncing
Off all the doubloons arcing so above in a swarm.
Hear it? Tinkly, tinkle, sprinkles—
Doubloons all over the place!
Watch your fingers! Grab ‘em all up!
All gone! Not even one trace!
Didja see that—
That smile on the baby’s face?
The kid just gave her a doubloon!
Oh yes, this is such the happiest place!


Steal On Back

The little girl with the blue lacy dress
Came tottering on down the road
Thinking of cakes and the sizzle bacon makes
And Tommy’s stupid old frog toad

Fingers soft feeling the picket fence
The dress spotted green from Walnut Creek pond
Blue lacy dress was wondering about running on home—
Maybe crossing over by Memory Hill beyond

Stupid Tommy’s frog peed all over—
Getting away seemed to be the thing
But ain’t no way she gonna show
That she was just some girly nothing

Blue lacy dress got on back safe home—
Momma’s pie cooling on the tin Woolworth’s rack
Tommy boy troubles are for old tomorrow
When down to the hollows she’ll steal on back

Harbored Dreams

Back when I harbored dreams of happiness
I never knew someone like you could exist;
Now bereft of illusions of happily-ever-after
I have also lost you to the intangible mist.
Gray hairs belie verse-play at candor,
Dread of isolation my long sole companion;
Such chutzpah of thinking it possible—
To reach you across Love’s great canyon.
At best you’ll admit a charming acquaintance,
For which I can only ever be grateful;
Sparing you the hurt and the desperation
That leaves one piteous and hateful.
Now the sun rises cold though promising,
For the day is still young and carefree.
Are you returning to the far hill country?
Please convey wishes for well ease from me.